Goldfish in a display aquarium at one of our Israeli partners.

Goldfish in a display aquarium at one of our Israeli partners.


our roots

We believe in the power of nature and also acknowledge its complex balance. AquaBella Organic Solutions and Green Age 360 have partnered to provide you with a unique blend of beneficial bacteria that replicate some of the most important processes happening in natural water ecosystems, such as the Nitrogen Cycle. 

AquaBella Organic Solutions has performed extensive research and trials to offer aquaculture and agriculture farmers with an organic certified solution that increases yield while regenerating soil bio-mass or preserving water quality.

Green Age 360 through its founder, Marc Thibault has been at the forefront of developing and marketing green solutions that generate minimum footprint while performing as well as if not better than conventional synthetic based products.

Aquarium hobbyists, whether beginners or accomplished along with aquarium maintenance professionals and stores face the same issue: how do we keep a contained water ecosystem balanced without adding synthetic chemicals while limiting or eliminating water change? The answer lies within the role bacteria and other microorganisms have been playing for 4.5 million years in processing organic matter and mobilizing nutrients. 

“The different farms that are using AquaBella today have seen a dramatic increase in survival rates,” says Yoni Szarvas, AquaBella Organic Solutions’ founder and CEO. “AquaBella Bio-Enzymes Water Treatment is helping farmers become environmental stewards and at the same time help them become more efficient. That’s when we started thinking about a solution for aquarium owners. If you can raise 300,000 healthy shrimps per hectare of water, you can certainly keep any type of ornamental fish alive and well”.

“People give up on this hobby is simply because maintaining a healthy ecosystem can be very problematic. The environmental factor in fish husbandry is more volatile than with other pets,” adds Marc Thibault. "Aquariums are the closest replica to any natural ecosystems one can enjoy at home. This is an incredible opportunity for every aquarist to learn about and become a protector of ocean, lake and river ecosystems." 

AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment offers aquarists the chance to fully enjoy their hobby, save time and money.