Twenty different strains of essential and beneficial aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria that work symbiotically to reestablish a balanced aquarium ecosystem. These living microorganisms are present in nature and contribute to maintaining a healthy environment by breaking down and processing organic matter.
We select microbes from aquatic environment. We do not modify, re-engineer or manufacture microbes. AquaBella Bio-Enzyme for Freshwater and Saltwater are 100% natural and organic.



We have designed a unique system for your convenience. Each tube is individually labeled, reminding you when it needs to be used.

For established tanks:
Each tray comes with 5 tubes: DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3 which need to be used in three consecutive days and “DAY 90”, which is used 90 days after the start of the treatment. We have added a “booster” tube "just in case". There is no need for mixing or measuring.

  1. Pull off the cap from the tube.
  2. Cut the edge of the tip.
  3. And add directly to the water.

As for any natural solution it might take 3 to 14 days before AquaBella's bacterial blend shows results. 

Caution: Prime is a highly potent dechlorinator, which binds to nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrites and nitrates) for a long period of time. We recommend using other dechlorinators in combination with Aquabella Bio-Enzyme. If you have been using  Prime, allow one to two weeks prior to using Aquabella Bio-Enzyme.

For more information, please visit our FAQs and TIPs.

AquaBella Bio-Enzyme is perfect for cycling your aquarium. Learn how


We’ve developed a technology that is very unique as it allows for many different microorganisms to interact with each other and with their immediate environment to the benefit of other living organisms. For instance, our formula contains different strains that perform nitrification and denitrification activity. Others will process organic matter into useful micronutrients for the ecosystem. If you look at other bacterial products, you’ll quickly realize AquaBella Bio-Enzyme does the work of many products for a much longer time. It is simply because our technology prepares these microorganisms to the environment they will colonize. In AquaBella for Aquarium, this includes:

  1. Nitrification AquaBella® has nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria will convert NH4+-N to nitrate.
  2. Denitrification AquaBella® has denitrifying bacteria. These bacteria will convert nitrates/nitrites into dinitrogen gas.
  3. Removing/reducing contaminants that cause eutrophic conditions such as nitrates/nitrites, phosphates, ammonia and organic solids
  4. Hydrolysis and other enzymatic breakdown of biodegradable organic materials
  5. Breaking down recalcitrant compounds - especially nitrogen-based compounds.


We have sold over 10,000 kits thus far and no one has reported any negative impact on any aquatic life present in the aquarium. Rather, some users have pointed to healthier fish and reef, some even pointing to AquaBella for Aquarium contributing to curing diseases.
Overall this is what you can expect from using AquaBella for Aquarium once a year:

  • Crystal clear water
  • Healthier ecosystems from fish to plants
  • Stronger immune system
  • Brighter colors
  • Reduction in stress and disease due to a poor ecosystem


Yes, a feeling of ecstasy and “I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming” are the first sign of a wholesome hobby.
Then you might look some time to time at your other aquarium products on the shelf and wonder if you should use them just in case. Well, that’s okay to be doubtful, I’d be as well. But look, it’s been 6 months and the water is still crystal clear.