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We believe fish-keeping is fun and educative

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AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment helps you achieve just that.

Our Roots

We LOVE nature. As a matter of fact, we are so passionate about preserving or reestablishing healthy soil and water ecosystems that we regularly meet farmers when they start their day, at dawn. Aquaculture and agriculture face similar challenges: how do we generate higher yield and preserve our most important asset, nature? The answer lays in the very first life forms ever recorded on earth: microorganisms.

Since 2009, we've helped thousands of freshwater and saltwater aquarists, breeders, maintenance professionals and store owners maintain their tanks with ease and significant cost-savings. Why not yours?




Combining 20 different strains of bacteria that work symbiotically to balance your aquarium ecosystem is no small feat. We dare to say AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment is one of the best innovations for aquarium enthusiasts. 

Aquariums are natural water ecosystem's closest replica. We have successfully replicated the natural cleansing process occurring in healthy natural water ecosystems including denitrification (nitrate reduction).
As a result, you're able to maintain crystal clear water and not change water for one year! And we guarantee it! Who else does this?


AquaBella Bio-Enzyme has a unique cleaning ability that stems from a complete set of naturally occurring enzymes, aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria that have a wide range of metabolic activities for treating salt and freshwater aquariums. these bacteria prevent the accumulation of harmful nitrogen forms by metabolizing organic waste and converting ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate into inert nitrogen gas. The ingredients contained in our kit are completely organic and safe for fish, it even will reduce the stress in your fish!  

AquaBella Bio-Enzyme will help you enjoy your hobby more fully, with less tedious maintenance tasks. By using our system in your aquarium, you save not only time, but money and water as well. Whether you are starting an aquarium for the first time or trying to bring the ecosystem of your tank in balance, AquaBella Bio-Enzyme is for you! Join over 10,000s other aquarists in enjoying these savings on their prized hobby. Order now and drop us a line We’d love to know how the AquaBella Bio-Enzyme has changed the way you run your aquarium!

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Cycling your aquarium

Why fishless-cycle your aquarium when you can add all the essential and beneficial bacteria at once? AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment will kickstart your aquarium in less than 48 hours. It's already time to add your fish. 

Follow these simple steps ...



When freshwater and saltwater aquarists, breeders, maintenance professionals and storeowners tell us we made a difference in their lives, we feel awfully good.
And when they share pictures of their stress-free fish, we are delighted.

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beneficial bacteria

These living microorganisms have been present for 4.5bn years and are essential actors in the fundamental ecological processes of ecosystems, such as the nitrogen cycle. If they are usually resilient, there are also susceptible to additives.

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