Our Roots

We LOVE nature. As a matter of fact, we are so passionate about preserving or reestablishing healthy soil and water ecosystems that we regularly meet farmers when they start their day, at dawn. Aquaculture and agriculture face similar challenges: how do we generate higher yield and preserve our most important asset, nature? The answer lays in the very first life forms ever recorded on earth: microorganisms.

Since 2009, we've helped thousands of freshwater and saltwater aquarists, breeders, maintenance professionals and store owners maintain their tanks with ease and significant cost-savings. Why not yours?




Combining 20 different strains of bacteria that work symbiotically to balance your aquarium ecosystem is no small feat. We dare to say AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment is one of the best innovations for aquarium enthusiasts. 

Aquariums are natural water ecosystem's closest replica. We have successfully replicated the natural cleansing process occurring in healthy natural water ecosystems including denitrification (nitrate reduction).
As a result, you're able to maintain crystal clear water and not change water for one year! And we guarantee it! Who else does this?