AquaBella Intended and Unintended Savings

When enough of you tell us about the extra benefits of using AquaBella Bio-Enzyme, it becomes a benefit you may enjoy as well.

Saving water is the main benefit our customers have enjoyed since we launch our products in 2008. We felt very good about providing a way to save this important natural resource. To saltwater and reef aquarists, it also became a big money savings. Imagine what it means when one needs to change 15 gallons of saltwater every week (for a 75 gallon tank)?

But one of the most important savings for a lot of busy hobbyists is time. If you spend one hour a week on your aquarium, consider this: you would have spent 52 hours maintaining your aquarium, which equals to a very busy week at work. With AquaBella Bio-Enzyme, you may spend one hour a month and enjoy other fine things to do.

Healthier and stronger aquatic life often translates into more resilient to diseases and stress. If you can provide a more balanced ecosystem for your fish, there is a much higher chance it will live longer and happier.

Finally, this AquaBella Bio-Enzyme a one in one solution. Aquarium maintenance professionals have told us that they are saving thousand of dollars every month in products like "phosphate removers, water clarity products, algae destroyers, sludge removers, charcoal in the filters and other products to help maintain the water to its proper pH". That probably translates into saving $100s every year in maintenance products for you.

Marc Thibault