Welcome to Aquabella

Benefits to You and Them

  • Powerful: no water change for 1 year guarantee!
  • Brilliant: crystal clear water (not a small accomplishment!)
  • Convenient: apply one kit per aquarium, once a year.
  • Fast: Bacteria are fully activated in 3 days. AquaBella Bio-Enzyme cycles tank in 48 hours
  • Complete: oxidizes ammonia into nitrites, and nitrites into nitrates, converts nitrates into inert nitrogen gas; also reduces phosphates to safe levels. Neutralizes odors.
  • Safe & Healthy: made of 100% organic ingredients, safe for fish, reduces stress in fish, perfectly adapted for breeding.
  • 100's Friendly: Every year, you'd save 100 gallons of water, a week worth of maintenance time and save 100s of dollars.
  • 8000 and counting: Aquarists and professionals are enjoying these savings and a wholesome hobby!
  • Now you have time to enjoy your hobby wholesomely.

Cool Facts

  • Ocean Rider Seahorse: The largest organic seahorse aquafarm in the world recommends AquaBella to seahorse owners
  • The Zen Nippon Airinkai So. Cal: This Koi Owner society has endorsed AquaBella Bio-Enzyme in Koi ponds
  • Aquarium Perfection: An aquarium maintenance professional who believes everyone should care for their quarium with AquaBella Bio-Enzyme
  • History: The first AquaBella formula was developed for farmed shrimps and fish increasing their survival rate by 50% and allowing farmers to safely reuse water.
  • Blog: Visit our blog for tips and advices from professional breeders, aquarium maintenance professionals and scientists
  • Social Media: We run contests on Facebook, share discoveries on Twitter and post cool pics on Pinterest, let's connect!
  • We're building a wholesome company because we care
  • Your fish deserves a wholesome ecosystem
    And you deserve a wholesome hobby
    AquaBella for Aquarium, the ultimate wholesome experience.